This magazine's all in ENGLISH.

European edition's privately published, 999 copies on October 2012
& Distibuted Free in all EU countries, Canada, U.S.A. & Japan.

Edited & Printed in Paris / FRANCE.

Chier Editor & Publisher : AKIRA NATCHI
Email :
Phone : + 33 677 846 419


:::::::::::::::: UPDATED ON NOV 05TH 2012 :::::::::::::::

Thank you very much for your interest in 1st edition of Tango DJ Magazine.

I have received a few hundreds inquires by mail & actually, it was more than I have imagined before. 
It's too many demands to manage by myself & I can NOT reply neither ship some copies to each individual. :(
I have been organizing to set up international diffusion spots for free copies in different regions & countries, and I will publish the details in TDJM home page before end of month.
By the way,,, we will not publish any online edition of this magazine in future. (Sorry)

For all who wants to receive the printed copies very soon,,, I need your help & action.

1. This magazine is free and NOT FOR SALE. It's permanently available at my weekly milonga in Paris.
- "Sacre Milonga" : Every Sunday 5:30-10:30PM >

So you can come & take some copies by yourself or you may contact your tango buddies who will visit in Paris in future & they can pick up magazines for you.
*If you need to take more than 10 copies, please contact us before 48 hours by mail to reserve them, & I need the name of the milonga(s) & HP URL where you do regular Tango DJing, when you pick up too)

2. Aha! No plan for traveling to Paris ? 
To accelerate quick diffusion, If you can make a donation by Paypal for shipping fee, I ll send you the copies earlier too. (15-50 euros for 10-35 copies)

*Since one month, more than 600 copies have been distributed internationally into 15 coutries, we have only 350 copies with us now. We will not give away all to anybodies soon.
If you have serious professional activity in your local area, please contact us first by mail or telephone.
We will ship free copies for the DJs & organizers of milongas only who want to help us & make serious distributions.
I ve received some "orders" of magazines from the people which I couldn't recognized who they are neither what they do around Tango & we will not reply to these people. (Sorry, we don't sell magazines.)
So, to let the people pick up the magazine copies in your area, please give me the name & homepage URL of the milonga(s) where you do DJing & could distribute them. Your diffusion spot's details will be published on this Home Page. I am not asking you to forward the printed copies to somebody else by post etc.


Peace & Love Aki+